About Us

We believe in what we do and we do what we believe in

UrbanHand is not just a store but is a social entrepreneurship of design inspired goods driven to give back to the greater community. Born and created in India, Urbanhand works to benefit various marginalized and impoverished communities within the country. Working closely with various NGOs and charities, part of our proceeds goes to helping those in need. UrbanHand, however, takes this further by creating social integration of communities each step of the way in developing and creating a variety of products. We aim to give you an opportunity to make a difference in a person’s life through purchasing products that have a meaning and story, all contributing to a good cause. To learn more about the NGOs and charities involved, please check out the description and links here. Other than products that aim to make a difference, we are creative minds that have come together to provide an array of innovative design services. To check out all the design services we provide click here.





Our Team

Sukriti Grover
Chief of First Impressions
Ambassador of Art
Upasna Modi
Vice President of Misc. Things
Director of Doodles


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*All UrbanHand products are made on planet earth. We strongly believe in investing in our earthlings.*